Enjoy total control with Extras that work for you and your family.

For you

Control your money and health decisions. Vary contributions based on your needs and choose the extras you want. No more wasted cover. Let unspent funds accumulate and watch your investment earn interest over time.

For your family

Those closest to you deserve the best possible care. The great advantage of Your Health Wallet is its amazing flexibility, which enables you to gift extras health cover to family members or, indeed, anyone you care about.

For your furry friends

When pets get sick and injured, the vet bills can be enormous. Look after your furry friends with Your Health Wallet. After 12 months you can use up to 25% per annum of your available balance to pay towards your pet insurance or vet bills.

For the future

Your Health Wallet is your future health savings account. Start contributing toward a healthy future with the peace of mind you won’t have to compromise on treatment. Enjoy quality care that won’t put you into debt.

At a glance

Ready, Set, Join!

Traditional extras cover can leave you short-changed.

But that’s never the case with Your Health Wallet.

Open an account now, and from just $5 per day, you’ll start enjoying health and financial freedom. For the same cost as a cup of coffee, enjoy the full benefit of cover that works for you now and rolls over every year. Use your balance to pay for the services you want and say goodbye to those annoying gap fees. And, unlike tradtional extras cover, you can keep whatever you don’t use. Watch as your fund accumulates and continues to earn interest.

Ever worried Your Health Wallet balance is getting low? There’s no need to stress.

Add top-up funds or change your daily amount at any time. You can also suspend contributions to Your Health Wallet whenever you like, putting them on hold for up to three years with access to your funds.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join Your Health Wallet today. Simply fill out the membership form, verify your id and start enjoying the health care you’ve always dreamed of.  

To get your account set up, you’ll need about 5 to 7 minutes of your time, your License or other Aussie ID and your credit/debit card and you’ll be all set.

Your daily contributions start from $5 per day and can be adjusted at any time, depending on your health needs.