Health Partner FAQ's

Who is a Registered Health Partner

Registered Health partner is a registered health business unit, which offers a health service to members of public and is based in Australia. The following criteria must be met to be considered a Registered Health Partner of  Your Health Wallet Ltd
1. You must have a Registered Business with ABN.
2. Must be Located in Australia
3. Must have Australian Bank accounts for payment processing

What does a Registered Health Provider mean?

A registered health provider is someone who holds a registration to provide a Health Service in Australia. Every health practitioner is required to be registered with AHPRA.

I am not registered with AHPRA can I become a preferred partner ?

If you are not registered, and provide alternate services such as a Float Studio. Your application will be considered on an individual basis. Please email your interest to 

Why is an ABN needed?

Members can only use the funds in their account to pay for health services with health business units located in Australia. Your Health Wallet conducts various level checks before an invoice of a member is paid. ABN check is one of them. So if you do not have an ABN, the invoice will not be processed.

How does it work with multiple locations?

Each location must be registered as a registered health partner and must have its own address that can be verified and have its own ABN. Communication address may be common. 

Does every practitioner need to sign up?

To minimise confusion and concerns, it is recommended that all practitioners are registered as preferred providers. Not all practitioners need to be registered. Only those practitioners who are registered with Your Health Wallet will be available for our members to book appointments.

What happens if I was a preferred provider and then I choose to opt out?

If a previously registered preferred health provider, opts out of being a preferred health provider, the access to platform will be terminated and Your Health Wallet may at its discretion notify members of the health providers changed status

Why would a member choose a preferred partner?

Members of YHW, seek clarity about cost of healthcare to enable them to make informed decisions and choose treatment appropriately. Lack of informed financial consent is one of the leading root causes of complaints, rejection of optimal treatment and low value of health service. Being informed will enable and foster a trust relationship that can only be good for all concerned

What happens if I have a locum?

The locum must be registered just a normal preferred health practitioner would be. When registered the locum would show up as being available for appointments

Is there a Fee Schedule

There is no stipulated Fee Schedule at Your Health Wallet. Registered Health Business set their own fees.